A Toymaker’s Tale of 10 Business Lessons Learned from Timeless Toys

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Brad Pedersen is an award-winning entrepreneur, angel investor, thought leader, and sought-after business coach. In 2008, he founded and scaled one of Canada’s top toy companies, Tech 4 Kids and subsequently merged it to create Basic Fun; a maker of some of the world’s most iconic toys. Brad left the toy business in 2018 and subsequently co-founded Pela, creating a new category of the world’s first sustainable smart device protective covers, growing the business to over $100M in revenue. In 2021, Brad and the team at Pela successfully launched a record-breaking $9.8M crowd-funded campaign for the Lomi, the world’s first smart waste kitchen composter, making it the largest cleantech crowdfunding campaign of all time. Brad is a follower of Jesus and is open about his faith. He considers it a privilege to use his business as a platform to live out his values and give back. Brad has a passion for fitness, adventure, and outdoor pursuits and lives with his wife in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada.